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Thurrott.com's Brad Sams not only claims these leaked details, and the images accompanying them, to be accurate but also adds that the new casing of the device will act as a charger, allowing the controller to start charging as soon as you put it away. The original controller, the one now available, was first introduced back in mid-2015. The reports allege that the controller will include Bluetooth for easy connection to a PC, a USB-C wired connection, an Apple MagSafe-like charging connector to protect from cable pulls and a built-in, chargeable battery.

The Verge notes that Microsoft filed a patent in December for an adjustable lock design for controller thumbsticks, which these images appear to contain, potentially lending credibility to the images. Fans hoping for a new Xbox One Elite Controller may have to wait until E3 2018 in June for an official announcement. The new scoops also suggest there will be a three-profile switch, three-level hair trigger locks and adjustable stick tension. Let's remember that the present controller of the Xbox Elite has some issues with the grip sections draining down in time. A source familiar with Microsoft's plans confirmed to The Verge that the photo shared on Reddit is authentic.

The company debuted the controller at E3 2015. The only question that remains is when exactly will Microsoft unveil this new version of the controller? Multiple leaks appear to have uncovered a new Elite controller that builds on lessons learned from the first model. This year's GDC will take place in San Francisco from March 19 until March 23.

It looks like Microsoft is planning to release an update to their $149 USD Xbox Elite game controller.