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A California man pulled a 5-foot-6-inch tapeworm out of his body following a steady diet of salmon sushi, his doctor said. A Californian man, who had eaten sushi, was taken to the hospital when he discovered a tapeworm "wiggling out" of him during his visit to the toilet, Mail Online reported. Dr. Kenny Bahn said on podcast Treatment for tapeworms is 95 percent effective, according to Medical News Today.

Bahn says he was initially sceptical when the guy asked for worming medication, but once he'd produced the grisly proof, was more than happy to prescribe him the very same meds used to worm dogs (lol). The man may have gotten the tapeworm from eating sushi, which contained raw salmon, on a daily basis. Larva may survive in poorly prepared raw salmon, then take up residence in a human digestive tract.

A man in California who ate sushi nearly daily ended up with a 5-and-a-half foot long tapeworm in his body, according to an episode of the medical podcast "This Won't Hurt a Bit". Banh said the patient may "poop out a bunch of worms" in the future, which is what Banh said he prescribed to the man with the giant tapeworm.

When the man pulled on it and it kept coming out, he realized it was moving and must be a worm. The tapeworm had a flat, skinny body, tan in color, with narrow, dark brown lines down its back and "a big, flat head". The patient told Banh that he hadn't traveled out of the country or consumed well water, both of which are risk factors for worm exposure. According to Dr. Jessica Mason, who co-hosts the podcast, a tapeworm can grow up to 40 feet in length.

In 2017, Banh recalled on the podcast, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found contaminated Alaskan salmon.

Tapeworms are reportedly found in many types of fish that are not properly flash frozen.

No, he replied. He just ate raw salmon on an nearly daily basis.

Regularly, tapeworm prompts just minor side effects, however in uncommon cases the disease can transform into a genuine restorative issue, as indicated by Roman Kuchta, lead creator of the investigation and an exploration researcher at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. (Different species of tapeworms can hang out in raw beef and pork, too.) For fish, that's at least 145°F.

Fresno is located 150 miles from the coastline and is not known as a sushi hotspot, which are red flags for eating the raw Japanese food.