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The Consumer Product Safety Commission shows numerous consumers have reported batteries that have overheated, causing property damage and in one case injury.

Affected models include several ProBook, ZBook, x360, Pavilion, Envy, and 11 laptops.

HP is offering free battery replacement service to users with an affected model, regardless of warranty status. Unfortunately for many HP laptop owners, it looks like there is a chance your laptop could be affected by faulty batteries.

HP says they have received eight reports of battery packs overheating, melting, or charring. The website provides consumers instructions on how to initiate the validation utility to check their battery and what to download if their battery is included in the recall.

Yes, just as in January 2017, June 2016, May 2011, May 2010, May 2009, October 2008, April 2006, October 2005, June 2005 and probably a bunch of other occasions, HP has found that one of its suppliers has issued a batch of overheating batteries.

Altogether, about 50,000 laptops sold are affected. HP in a release, said, "HP strongly recommends accepting Battery Safety Mode so that the notebook or mobile workstation can be safely used by connecting to an HP power adaptor".

Critically, though, the modern obsession with thin-and-light - and, to be less generous, built-in obsolescence - means that numerous above models have internal batteries which are not user replaceable.

The recall comes after the company discovered that a small percentage of these systems could pose a safety concern for customers.

This mode will discharge the battery and prevent it from being recharged until the battery is replaced.

Why this matters: Battery recalls happen every so often, often due to manufacturing issue.