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"And with Captain Marvel's solo film releasing just two months before Avengers 4, it's conceivable she'll be drawn into Thanos" orbit prior to joining Marvel's massive ensemble film.

Photos taken from the set of Marvel's upcoming female-led superhero film Captain Marvel made their way online and fans got to have their very first look at Brie Larson's costume as Ms. Marvel.

Oscar victor Brie Larson has left audiences psyched since it was announced that she'd be playing Captain Marvel for the character's stand-alone movie.

While Captain Marvel (at least this version) is more known for her red, gold, and blue attire, this is obviously not that. Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck (Mississippi Grind) are directing from a by Geneva Robertson-Dworet. This unusual color scheme is more reminiscent of the green attire that makes up Mar-Vell's original costume (though it is worth noting that the design itself is pretty darn faithful, even if the color scheme isn't).

Of course, in this era of Photoshop, it didn't take fans too long to show us what Carol Danvers' costume would look like in her proper colors, and she looks incredible of course.

Thanks to user BeautifulBasket in the Marvel fan community on Reddit, we can now imagine what the Captain Marvel suit will look like with the colors seen in the concept art released past year at San Diego Comic-Con. "Depending on when and how she'll arrive in the present day, she'd be affected by Thanos" reality warping in the same way that the other Avengers seem to be, and could conceivably be wearing her Kree uniform for any number of reasons. As far as hard details, that's about all we have to go on.

While full-on principal photography hasn't quite begun, Captain Marvel has started some early production days that will pick up once again in March.