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In fact, as many people highlighted in the comments of PopCrave's original post, it looks like model Devon Windsor did just that, keeping her mouth closed during the line that numerous other women allegedly said out loud. While that lyric seemed to have been edited out of the original YouTube video, an unedited clip of the models singing surfaced online.

The video shows multiple models - most of whom are not African-American - dancing around backstage while seemingly singing along to Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow", including a line that uses the racial slur.

Fans were quick to point out in that St. Louis native and model Devon Windsor refrained from joining her VS sisters in saying the n-word. "Nah. That n-word was too loud and clear for there only to be one black girl in this room", he wrote.

'Welp @victoriassecret plz (sic) fire all of them for saying the n-word all carefree'.

'If you're not black, don't say the N word.

'The safe one is @DevWindsor, ' the woman tweeted alongside a photo of the blonde model standing still as her colleagues dance around her. "Because to be black is to walk through the world and watch people doing things that you can not do".

Cardi B herself has even weighed in on the contentions, retweeting a version of the clip to her 1.7m followers.

Requests for comment made to Victoria's Secret, Cardi B and Kloss were not returned by publication time.