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The report shows influenza-like illness increasing in most regions of the state, with confirmed flu cases higher this season compared to last at this time, though visits to health care providers for such illnesses dropped from the previous week.

And you still have time to get your flu shots. Already, the CDC has worked with over 60 countries to strengthen their surveillance and laboratory capacity to help inform practitioners which strains should be included in the seasonal flu vaccines developed each year. "While patients with severe flu symptoms, such as difficulty breathing or shortness of breath (when doing very little or resting), should go to the emergency room, we ask that patients with mild symptoms stay home and rest".

"As the flu season continues, the Tulsa Health Department encourages all individuals six months and older to get a flu vaccination", the department said in a news release.

Though the new report sheds light on seasonal flu morality burden and the need for greater prevention, Sullivan wrote, "What is less clear is whether our current prevention strategies are adequate to reduce this burden".

Nearly all deaths among children under five with influenza-related lower respiratory tract infections occur in developing countries, but the effects of seasonal influenza epidemics on the world's poorest are not fully known.

But this year's flu shot may not be up to the task. The estimate also took into account several recent respiratory mortality studies, including one published in the Lancet on Thursday by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital in Lincoln and the three other hospitals that are a part of Memorial Health System have enacted voluntary visitors restrictions because of an increase in patients with influenza and flu-like symptoms. As of November 25, a total of 142 people tested positive for the flu, up from 96 the week before, according tto the state Department of Public Health.

More information on where to get vaccinated is available on the Erie County Department of Health's website.

But when you have the flu, you're more likely to have muscle pains, headaches, or even a fever.

To fight the flu, the CDC and local health department recommends getting a flu vaccine, taking everyday preventive actions to stop the spread of germs and taking flu antiviral drugs if your doctor prescribes them.

When certain people get sick, they are at high risk of developing serious flu-related complications, such as pneumonia or bronchitis.