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Snow is expected to continue into Wisconsin.

For it to be a White Christmas, at least one snow flake must be observed falling at a specified Met Office location on December 25.

According to Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes, the odds on a record-breaking Christmas have fallen dramatically. Only twice in the last 16 years? The models can change and that would impact what we see. Meteorologist Cory Martin, at the National Weather Service, says they're tracking a storm system that will be moving across the Northern Plains in the Thursday-Friday time-frame.

"While most of the rain missed us today, we see a lot of it coming this week: "as much as 3" to 5" (and in a few spots even more than that) through Friday.

Last-minute shoppers may want to get those stocking stuffers before Saturday or plan to bundle up as the high is expected to top out at 6 degrees.

Santa will have a very cold flight through the area, with temperatures sitting several degrees below zero Christmas Eve through Christmas morning.

As of Monday evening, the possibilities for the Christmas high temperature in Richmond range from the 30s to the 70s, with a better than even chance of clouds and showers. Weather models varied on whether the cold snap would be short-lived or extend into the last week of the year. This will bring the colder air back to the region.

This could be Baltimore's coldest Christmas since 2013.

Most of the snow that falls on Sunday will be left behind from the strong low pressure sweeping through Saturday.

Whatever happens, the day after Christmas will have an appropriate chill in the air. Below is what the model shows for temperatures in the afternoon on Christmas eve. Those who may let an indoor pet roam will want to make sure those cats or dogs are inside. This is the GFS precipitation amount this weekend after the temperature drops below freezing.

Christmas Day's high will be in the lower to middle 20s. The last time central OH had a white Christmas was in 2010.

The technical definition of a white Christmas is having at least an inch of snow on the ground on December 25, regardless of whether it fell on that day. "During a typical winter, this weather pattern can bring a storm and travel concerns once every five to seven days".