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Jennifer Lawrence has gifted a toy luxury auto to reality TV personality Kris Jenner as a Christmas present. Yesterday this led to a very special gift from Lawrence to Jenner in the form of a Porshe, which Jenner actually requested!

The Kardashian-Jenner family matriarch is one of the busiest women in Hollywood, managing the careers of her six successful children and filming for their reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Thoughtful and hilarious? Oh Jennifer, you lovable rascal. She wrote. "My girl didn't disappoint. Thank you Jen I love you!" she wrote alongside the picture of the auto and Christmas festivities. Check out the pint-sized Porsche below and let us know when Lawrence was officially canceled in the comments. According to E! News, Kris happily shared the news on Instagram. Jenner was asked to deliver a birthday cake to the actor on her birthday, which she did, and the rest is history. The girls are so cute with their suggestions and I say, "I think this party is getting away from me a bit!' But Khloe is always in charge of the music". Lawrence revealed that she got so drunk that she stripped naked in Jenner's closet and asked Kim Kardashian (Jenner's daughter) and her husband Kanye West to dress her and tell her their style secrets.

And now the Hunger Games star has proven her affinity for once again, this time with the purchase of a vehicle.