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For those that visit Shanghai's Roastery, Starbucks has included an augmented reality experience. Photographed on Friday, December 1, 2017.

Ramping up its focus on China, Starbucks has opened its biggest cafe in the world in Shanghai on Dec 6. Starbucks now runs 3,000 stores in China, where it claims to be opening "a store every 15 hours".

The design for the new Roastery was inspired by coffee and created exclusively for Starbucks' Chinese customers and will not be repeated in other locations.

Starbucks is making a big impression in Shanghai: a 30,000-square-foot impression.

Starbucks debuted its upscale Roastery format three years ago, in its Seattle hometown. At more than twice the size of the original Reserve facility, the Shanghai roastery will be followed by additional Starbucks Reserve roasteries in New York, Chicago, Tokyo and Milan. The company already has over 600 stores in Shanghai - the largest number of stores in any city where Starbucks has a presence.

The Roastery in Shanghai also includes China's first Teavana Bar. Three years after the company opened its first Roastery on its home turf, Starbucks is testing the larger, upmarket store concept overseas for the first time in China, where it now has 3,000 sites.

Starbucks is now building more net new company-operated stores in China than the US, said CEO Kevin Johnson, who replaced CEO Howard Schultz in April when the long-time leader transitioned into the role of executive chairman.

In connection with the opening, the Starbucks Foundation and Starbucks China announced plans to to make charitable donations totaling approximately $20 million over the next five years to programs and projects that contribute to, "meaningful and enduring social impact through poverty alleviation by creating opportunities for groups facing barriers, strengthening partner-driven and locally relevant community engagement, and improving lives of Yunnan coffee farmers and their families".

Like the location in Seattle, the Shanghai Roaster will feature menu items that can not be found at any other Starbucks location.

Just when you thought this city couldn't possibly get any better, the world's largest Starbucks opens up on Nanjing Road.