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X claims the new technology will help it provide high-speed wireless internet to millions without digging trenches or stringing cable along poles.

Currently, only 20 percent of residents in Andhra Pradesh have access to Internet.

The approach is known as free space optical technology, which has proven hard to implement in the past, but Alphabet seems confident it has solved the problems.

The Andhra Pradesh State Fibernet Limited (APSFL) and X Development LLC, known as X, Alphabet, that works on new cutting edge technologies, entered into an agreement in San Francisco, USA, on Friday.

The FSOC technology was developed as an offshoot of Project Loon, which beams cell service down to Earth from specialized balloons.

A technology - free space optical communications - would be provided by the X research division of the United States company to deliver high-speed and high-capacity broadband connectivity over long distances.

These FSOC links will form part of the high-bandwidth backbone of their network...

Google says that with FSOC boxes, the hardware can be placed kilometers apart on roofs or towers, and the signal is then beamed directly between the boxes. Honorable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Nara Chandrababu Naidu views AP Fiber Grid as the means of bringing high quality and affordable digital services (data, voice and video etc.) to every household, government offices and private agencies connecting approximately 53 million people in the State of Andhra Pradesh. The links will fix gaps in the access points now available like cell-towers and Wi-Fi hotspots that are used by thousands of people. However, keeping stratospheric balloons going permanently is a tricky task, which is why Alphabet's R&D arm, X, has been working toward a ground-based solution that replicates the same technological ethos as the balloons. There would be enough bandwidth for thousands of people to browse the Web simultaneously through the same cellphone tower, X said. However, changing weather and misalignment between boxes could severely affect the connection.

Starting in 2018, Alphabet's X will house a "small team of engineers and experts" in Andhra Pradesh to support the FSOC rollout, added Erkmen.