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The hottest reality show now on television, Bigg Boss has undoubtedly become the talk of the town & while the show is entering its last leg with only one week away from the semi finale, there are rumors doing the rounds revealing the winners already & an unreliable source has shared an information what would only be privy to the creatives & production house, is that of Hina Khan taking home the trophy & getting through every nomination with the highest votes. Hina and Shilpa will have to sing songs and the audience will vote live for their favourite singer. She says that she didnt know how to put it nicely but she doesnt like the sight of Puneesh's teeth.

Salman invited Shilpa's brother, Akash's mother, Bandgi and Rocky on the stage and tells them to play along with the pranks he has played on the contestants. They meet the contestants and Bandgi and Rocky say that they are together and Hina and Puneesh feel it's a joke, but Salman says it's serious.

The actress" fans had created a new record for the show when the hash tag "We Stand By Shilpa' started trending on Twitter a few days back. She also asked her why Hina commented on Puneesh's looks. Hina sang Moh Moh ke dhaage and won 65% voting, while Shilpa sang Apni to jasie taise and wins 77% votes and wins it. She questioned Puneesh on why he never supported Akash in captaincy task.

Priyank got eliminated this week which left Luv surprised. First up is Vikas, who is cornered by Shilpa's brother, who asks Vikas that why was Shilpa blamed for Hiten Tejwani's eviction as it was Vikas's plan all along. Surprisingly, Vikas tries to cry in the room and Puneesh comes to ask him.

Bigg Boss 11: Priyank Sharma gets evicted from the show

Salman then mentioned that viewers would vote as to who was a better entertainer between Hina and Shilpa. Soon the housemates are called in a witness box that is placed there and one by one asked questions from the family members.

Bandgi asks Vikas if Priyank gets out this week, thenwho would be his friend in the house.

For this challenge, Vikas intentionally fights with Priyank Sharma. Salman then welcomes Rocky, Bandagi, Ashutosh and Akash's mother.

He tells them Bandgi Kalra and Rocky bonded and shared the same bed in the padosi house.