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In wake of New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski's hit on a defenseless player receiving the same level of punishment, it drove Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to voice his disgruntlement with the league's ruling on the situation, according to Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk.

Cincinnati's Vontaze Burfict - who himself is not stranger to head-targeting-penalties - was clobbered by a blind-side block from Schuster, who also led with the crown of his helmet to the head and jaw of Burfict.

Bengals safety George Iloka had his one-game suspension overturned on appeal Wednesday, leaving him with a $36,464.50 fine for his hit to Antonio Brown's head on Monday night.

Minutes later, Iloka launched head-first at Brown as Brown hauled in the game-tying touchdown, drawing an unnecessary roughness penalty.

So much so, that one unsafe play at the end of the game was hardly even noticed until Steelers kicker Chris Boswell brought it up. But let me ask all of you, do you think Shaw's intent was to injure Boswell? "I thought maybe a fine, a pretty steep fine, something like that". He argued that the league was inconsistent to give them equal penalties.

Smith-Schuster drilled Burfict while the volatile Cincinnati linebacker was trying to chase after Pittsburgh running back Le'Veon Bell during a late Pittsburgh drive.

Both players were hit with suspensions on Tuesday and immediately appealed. You then "celebrated" the play by standing over him and taunting him. I don't think anybody wants that, coach (Mike) Tomlin or myself or any of the clubs. "That's not the look we want in the National Football League".

When the Bengals played in Pittsburgh on October 22, Burfict went out for the coin flip and refused to shake the Steelers' hands.

Smith-Schuster's hit on Burfict left the linebacker with a concussion, and he was carted off the field.