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President Trump has followed through on his promise to say Merry Christmas again instead of the politically correct Happy Holidays greeting. A crowd will gather around the tree for the lighting ceremony.

"The decorations are up!"

First Lady Melania Trump proudly showed off DC's newest winter wonderland to children from Joint Base Andrews Monday. "@WhiteHouse is ready to celebrate!" The theme for this year is "Time-Honored Traditions", and included in that is a attractive nativity scene.

New this year are wreaths hanging from the exterior of every window.

Inside the building, visitors find a hallway lined with long, snow-white tree branches and shining lights.

There are obvious comparisons between the Obama's official Christmas cards and the Trumps' first Christmas card.

The decorations were designed by the first lady in honor of the 200 years of holiday traditions that have occurred at the presidential residence.

Ryan's race-hustling and sour grapes over Clinton's loss makes her a real downer at any gathering.

"Are you the first lady?" asked one incredulous boy who then moved in for a hug.

First up, people homed in on this clip of Melania standing in a slightly awkward pose as she watched the ballet dancers in action. The first lady wore a white dress and gold-toned shoes for the event. Melania Trump took the responsibility on her shoulders with enthusiasm and grace! Questioning the baker's credibility, Ryan asked for receipts by tweeting, "Show it to us on a table".

The White House Christmas party will take place on Friday afternoon.

In 2015, candidate Donald Trump proclaimed he wanted to see more Christmas.

The Trumps' holiday card has also come under scrutiny for lacking inclusivity.

Among the Christmas decorations this year is a 5.5-by-1.8-meter Balsam fir from Wisconsin.

Among the Christmas standards is an 18-by-6-foot (5.5-by-1.8-meter) Balsam fir from Wisconsin in the traditional spot in the Blue Room, decorated with ornaments bearing the seals of every state and USA territory.

A separate tree near the East Wing entrance honors military families who have lost loved ones.

Silhouettes of the previous Presidents of the US.

Mrs Trump shared this classy video, showing the planning and execution of her white-and-silver dominated festive designs, and brought in some ballerinas to add some extra Nutcracker-esque whimsy to proceedings.