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Launching on February 8 next year the expansion most notably features a system where your empire will have to endure dark ages and how you handle these will influence your golden ages (do really well and you'll trigger heroic ages). This expansion brings a lot with it, including nine new leaders, eight new civilizations, new units, buildings, improvements, districts, and wonders. Entering a new in-game era now also comes with the possibility of entering a Dark or Golden Age. A new city based loyalty system also means your cities are at a constant threat from your misdirection, so you can't rest on your laurels and expect to win.

For more on Civilization 6: Rise and Fall, be sure to check Eurogamer at 4pm today for a video rounding up what the Strategy King himself Chris Bratt learnt about the expansion from lead designer Anton Strenger. Each major installment of the board game-style quest for world domination since Civilization II has received at least two expansion packs, filled with new civilizations to play as, gameplay tweaks, and features that can radically change the course of a typical game. Civilization has been one of gaming's greatest and most cherished time sinks, and it looks like Civlization VI: Rise and Fall is determined to preserve that history.

Furthermore, the cities will have individual loyalty to the leadership and if it falls too low then obviously the yields will be low and the city might be lost to another civilization. But one civilization's loss can be your gain as you inspire Loyalty among cities throughout the map and further expand your borders. The new Great Ages system is one of these new additions.

Loyalty can be reinforced by appointing specific Governors, which offer unique bonuses and promotion trees.

TIMELINE: Review your civilization's history at any time with the new Timeline feature, a visual journey through the Historic Moments that you encountered on your path to victory.

EMERGENCIES: When a civilization grows too powerful, other civilizations can join a pact against the threatening civilization and earn rewards, or penalties, when the Emergency ends.

Civilization VI fans will be able to get their hands on the Rise and Fall expansion starting on February 8, 2018, for $29.99.