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The White House said at the time that the question is "not if that move happens, but only when".

The vice-president is travelling to Israel next month and noted that he would deliver an address at the Knesset and visit the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial during his visit.

Earlier this year, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas had warned against the embassy's move, in an official letter addressed to Trump. Under the current Trump presidency, I promise you that: The United States will stand side by side with Israel because your values are our values, your goals are our goals and your wars are our wars.

Many Israelis have expressed frustration that almost a year into Trump's presidency, the move still hasn't happened.

The idea to move the embassy had been in discussion back in June, but was postponed when Mr Trump signed a waiver to keep it in Tel Aviv. "Under our administration, America will always stand with Israel, '" he said.

The controversial pledge, if implemented, would make the United States the first country to have its embassy in Jerusalem - currently, all such diplomatic missions are located in Tel Aviv.

In just a few more weeks, the president will decide whether to approve the move or stave off the decision for another six months.

"While Israel was built by human hands, it's impossible not to see the hand of heaven here too".

The vice president also talked about the US -led Iranian nuclear deal, saying the administration is working with Congress "to overcome some of the Iran deal's most glaring problems".

He reiterated that the US alliance with Israel is stronger than ever, and that the Trump administration will never allow Iran to build a nuclear weapon. "In 1897 Theodor Herzl dreamed of the impossible, in 1947 the Jewish people realized the impossible and today in 2017, 70 years later, the modern state of Israel has made the impossible possible".

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon and World Jewish Congress President Ron Lauder also spoke at the event, which was organized by the Israeli mission to the UN.

Pence said that 70 years ago, "the United Nations declared to the world an ancient truth".

"In recent months we've made valuable achievements toward achieving that and while compromise will be necessary, you can be assured that Donald Trump will never compromise the safety and security of the Jewish State of Israel", he said.

The event was organized by the World Jewish Congress and the Israeli mission to the UN and was held in the Queens Museum in NY where the UN General Assembly met in 1947. "From this day onward, for the next 70 years and beyond, Israel will continue to be a beacon of democracy, a powerhouse of innovation and a light unto the nations".