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That changes now, with the introduction of a new on-device model, which the company says evaluates how you use your phones battery over time.

Google is using machine learning to improve the accuracy and credibility of its battery-life predictions on the Pixel.

"If you are a Pixel user you must have noticed that the smartphones" battery life predictions haven't been the most accurate. Android users will be hoping that this new change will move beyond the Pixel borders.

Search engine giant, Google has released a new update to the Pixel (1 and 2 gen) phone series that will let owners know battery life expectancy, more accurate than ever before. So this is what the Smart Battery does, it uses relativity to populate battery estimate.

"Smart battery" is created to give users better estimates on what to expect from their battery through the day, Google said. Among other variables, Google will now compare your battery usage on similar days and times to help better predict your estimated battery life remaining.

In order to access this feature all you need to do is head over to Settings Battery.

As explained by Michelle, the Google expert on the support post, previously, the Pixel would estimate the phone's battery loss based on assumptions. But behind the scenes, the company has been tweaking 'Device Health Services, ' the app that calculates your remaining battery percentage based on your usage.

If you would long-pressed the Battery icon, it will display 'Advanced battery usage.' This reveals a graphic which estimates the life of your battery.

To get an assessment of high and low control by the new Smart battery feature, clients can tap on the full-size battery symbol which will then illustrate distinctive user prototype for battery usage.