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Microsoft Office Suite apps coming to Chromebooks is a big win for the latter.

As Chrome Unboxed correctly highlights, this won't mean new functionality for all. Well, the wait is now over and ALL Chromebooks can now run Microsoft Office.

Of course, why it took so long for Microsoft to iron out the kinks remains a mystery. Microsoft's Office products are the most widely used productivity tools, and missing out on them would have surely cost various Chromebook manufacturers some sales.

Microsoft did announce that the Office suite will be coming to Chrome OS and finally, those using a Google Chromebook can now download and install the suite on their devices.

Office for Chromebooks is now available, and reports suggest it is showing up on many, many Chromebooks already.

Microsoft has been developing an Android Chromebook version of its do-everything Office suite of programs for about a year now.

This is major news for productivity users who had previously been interested in Chrome OS, but could never buy a Chromebook because of lack of Office support. Now, their Chromebooks will be compatible with the occasional Office file they receive.

That could be one reason why Microsoft isn't making a lot of noise about its Office Android apps now working on Chromebooks. Having Office available as an on-device app could convince Chromebook education users to stick with the Microsoft software after they move away from Windows.

There is a caveat, however, as Microsoft's Office is only available for free on Chromebooks with displays up to 10.1inches. The same rule applies to the iPad Pro. But the majority of Chromebook owners will want a personal subscription that includes a PC or Mac, a tablet and a phone for $69.99 per year (it's unclear what a Chromebook will be classified as).