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While the top spot has seen a Gates vs Bezos contest, for some time, Gates' charity initiative in which he gave away 5 per cent of his net worth (roughly $4.6 billion) in August, made it easier for Bezos to surpass him.

His current wealth is estimated at $86.8bn, but analysts say he would be worth $150bn had he not given away some 700 million in shares in Microsoft and $2.9bn to charity after re-inventing himself as a philanthropist.

Gates is believed to be the only other person to reach $100 billion in 1999.

Reaching the new landmark was shortlived, however.

Bloomberg says Bezos fortune now totals $110.3 billion. His net wealth went up $36.2 billion this year through to November 24-a 49.8 percent increase since the same period last year. I completes a remarkable climb up the rankings by Bezos who began this year as the world's fourth richest man - which is still nothing to be ashamed about - but overtook Bill Gates as the richest back in October.

An Amazon fulfillment center. Due to Amazon's profitable success this year, brought on in part by the merger with grocer Whole Foods, Bezos shot to the top of Bloomberg's index. That doesn't account for all his holdings, although the two other highest-profile companies he owns - The Washington Post and space tourism company Blue Origin - don't move the needle much by comparison. Amazon shares hit a record on Black Friday - one of the year's busiest shopping days - joining a broader stock market rally.

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